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trans·late /transˈlāt/

to express the sense of (words or text) in another language

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Aquinas Giveaway – Celebrating 15 years of the Aquinas Institute

Aquinas Giveaway – Celebrating 15 years of the Aquinas Institute

This year marks the Aquinas Institute’s 15th anniversary of promoting St. Thomas’s way of thinking, studying, and loving. In order to celebrate we will be collecting donations and subscriptions from which we will draw seven lucky winners on March 7th. Each winner will receive a free book of the winner’s choice from our Aquinas Opera Omnia Series.

Commentary on Jeremiah

Commentary on Jeremiah

There’s a certain sweet appropriateness to our announcement today of our publication of the last remaining Scriptural commentary in the Aquinas opera omnia, the Commentary on Jeremiah.

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