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We translate and publish all of the writings of Thomas Aquinas — many of which have never been translated into English! — in an accessible two column-layout.

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We offer discussion-based online courses for students around the world, full or part time!

Our graduate-level Theology Curriculum provides an immersion in Scripture, dogma, and morality for those pursuing an M.A. in Theology.

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trans·late /transˈlāt/

to express the sense of (words or text) in another language

Our world-class team of translators is currently finishing St. Thomas’s Commentary on Psalms and Isaiah!

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What is a “discussion based” class?

At the Aquinas Institute, we believe that learning and friendship are fostered through the sharing of ideas and ultimate journey towards knowledge and the discovery of truth. A “discussion based” class is a unique classroom setting in which the students and professor(s) engage with the subject content in an interactive dialogue, in contrast to the lecture style of most colleges and asynchronous learning common for online programs.

A New Direction for Spring 2022

A New Direction for Spring 2022

How do I get back there? How do I return to thinking about the important things and asking meaningful questions? How do we keep our lives trained on the True, the Good, and the Beautiful once we leave school? And what about those of us who never had the chance to explore what really matters while we were in school?

Ad Fontes: Fall 2021 Classes

Ad Fontes: Fall 2021 Classes

Earlier this year I found myself studying Pope Pius XII’s 1950 encyclical, “Humani Generis” (On the Human Race). This dazzling document confronts the errors that the human mind can easily fall into, many rooted in either trusting human reason to pass judgment on...

Aquinas and Dante

Aquinas and Dante

This summer, the Aquinas Institute will be offering two intensive courses focusing on the contributions of two monumental authors: St. Thomas Aquinas and Dante. The Aquinas Institute’s two summer courses can almost be seen to be emblematic of the relationship of the liberal arts to theology. Dante employs the vast riches of human arts and humanities to initiate the training of the senses and imagination that will prepare the mind to seek first the kingdom. St. Thomas holds the First Mover and the end of existence in a fixed gaze, focusing on what precedes the created world and will remain after symbols have fallen away.