The Aquinas Institute offers its Liberal Arts Core in collaboration with Wyoming Catholic College (WCC), which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The courses in this program are therefore accredited through the Higher Learning Commission, and can be counted for credit toward degree programs at other universities around the world. The Aquinas Institute is offering these courses via an online medium in order to provide the richness that WCC courses offer:

  • to those students who would like a sampling of the full program offered by WCC;
  • to those students who need to take core classes for degree programs at other universities;
  • and to those students who would like an integrated Liberal Arts experience at the level of a Certificate program.

To share the benefits of liberal education as widely as possible, WCC provides its courses to The Aquinas Institute and approves all teachers for the online courses. However, WCC’s principal mission is to offer a four-year, in-person, immersive education in which courses are not taken separately but as part of a whole. Consequently, courses taken through The Aquinas Institute will not count toward the Bachelor in Liberal Arts degree that WCC offers in person. Rather, if students find themselves drawn to the education offered through these courses, WCC will discount tuition for students who have taken the online program.

Students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts should arrange a visit to WCC to discover how a complete liberal education depends on the shared life of a physical community.

The Aquinas Institute’s MA-level Theology Curriculum features courses comparable in credit hours and content to those offered at other graduate institutions. Students who complete the 12 courses will be issued a degree by the Aquinas Institute, together with a transcript suitable to demonstrate the rigor of the program and the credentials of the instructors. The Institute is working towards full accreditation for the MA program.