Catena Aurea

Encompassing all four Gospels, St. Thomas Aquinas’ Catena Aurea may be the most unique of his works. Unites the teachings of both early Latin and Eastern Church Fathers, Aquinas creates an illuminative reading of the story of Christ complete with quotations from early Christian thinkers.

Impeccable in his source attribution, which was uncommon for his time, Aquinas’ synthesis in this work points to the harmony of Scripture and Tradition as the voices of Church Fathers, East and West, shine alongside biblical text.

The Catena Aurea is a unique work of scriptural commentary, which affords the reader a look into the deep meaning of the Gospels as understood throughout early Church history.

Publishing Timeline

  • Vols 42-45: Catena Aurea

    STATUS:    Research
    TRANSLATOR:    John Henry Newman
    SOURCE TEXTS:    Marietti 1953 edition

    The Catena Aurea is one of St. Thomas’s most interesting works. It is a compilation of the thoughts of the Church Fathers on the four Gospels. St. Thomas quotes from an array of the Latin Church Fathers as well as quoting from an unexpectedly large number of the Eastern Church Fathers. St. Thomas carefully selected and edited these quotations so that each work would be a united whole. In a manner uncommon for an author of his time, St. Thomas was careful to note his sources.

    As a gloss of the Gospels containing quotations from the Church Fathers of both the East and the West, arranged and selected by St. Thomas, the Catena Aurea is a rare aid for studying scripture.