Old Testament Commentaries

In the Old Testament Commentaries St. Thomas has a style similar to his commentaries on the Gospels and the Pauline epistles. Uniquely, the Old Testament Commentaries are spaced generously throughout the entirety of St. Thomas’s life, ranging from the beginning of St. Thomas’s academic career to shortly before his death. Because the Old Testament Commentaries span St. Thomas’s career, they show the development of his ability to comment on Scripture.

In the early Old Testament Commentaries St. Thomas is primarily concerned with exploring the literal meaning of the texts. Even so he provides clear insights into the texts that he comments upon. Though the number of texts that he chooses to comment upon is limited, these Old Testament Commentaries are an important part of his works.

Publishing Timeline

  • Commentary on the Book of Job (Vol. 32)

    STATUS:    In Print
    TRANSLATOR:    Fr. Brian Mullady
    SOURCE TEXTS:    Leonine 1965 edition
    This volume of the Old Testament Commentaries is devoted to St. Thomas’s commentary on the book of Job. St. Thomas delves into the question of God’s providence while he comments on Job using all four senses of scripture.
  • Vol. 29: Psalms

    STATUS:    In Print
    TRANSLATOR:    Sr. Albert Marie Surmanski, O. P., Sr. Maria Veritas Marks, O. P. et alia
    SOURCE TEXTS:    Parma 1863 edition, Busa 1980 edition
    This volume contains St. Thomas’s commentaries on the Psalms (Thomas commented on Psalms 1-54), as well as two of St. Thomas‚Äôs inaugural lectures on Scripture: ‚ÄúRigans Montes de Superioribus,‚ÄĚ based on Ps 103:13, and ‚ÄúHic est Liber Mandatorum Dei,‚ÄĚ based on Bar 4:1.
  • Vol. 30: Isaiah

    STATUS:    In Print
    TRANSLATOR:   Louis St. Hilaire
    SOURCE TEXTS:    Leonine 1974 edition
    This volume contains St. Thomas’s commentary on Isaiah.
  • Vol. 31: Jeremiah

    STATUS:    In Print
    TRANSLATORS:   Fr. Ben Martin, Mark Foudy
    SOURCE TEXTS:    Parma 1863 edition, Leonine 1974 edition
    This volume contains St. Thomas’s commentaries on Jeremiah and Lamentations.