Opuscula is Latin for little works, which is what these volumes contain, a collection of the smaller works of St. Thomas. Grouped together because they are shorter than the rest of St. Thomas’s work, these works are not little in the sense that they are less profound. They are the miscellaneous works that show St. Thomas’s boundless desire to know as well as his keen sense of humor and interest in many different topics of his day. The Opuscula contains a wide variety of genres, including some of St. Thomas’s famous responses to his colleagues, letters, liturgical pieces and the Compendium Theologiae written for brother Reginald. The Opuscula are appropriate for the modern reader in their brevity and range of subject matter.

Publishing Timeline

  • Opuscula I (Vol. 55)

    STATUS:In Print
    TRANSLATOR:Assorted, see below
    SOURCE TEXTS:Leonine 1968-1979 edition
    Compendium Theologiae ~ Cyril Vollert
    De Principiis Naturae ~ R. A. Kocourek
    De Ente et Essentia ~ Robert T. Miller
    De Substantiis Separatis ~ Francis J. Lescoe
    De Regno ad Regem Cypri ~ Gerald B. Phelan and I.T. Eschmann
  • Vol. 58: Sermons & Liturgical Works

    TRANSLATOR:    Mark-Robin Hoogland, CP, et alia

    SOURCE TEXTS:    Leonine edition

    Sermo Abjiciamus opera
    Sermo Attendite
    Sermo Beata gens
    Sermo Beati qui habitant
    Sermo Beatus vir
    Sermo Coelum et terra
    Sermo Ecce ego mitto
    Sermo Ecce rex tuus
    Sermo Emitte Spiritum
    Sermo Exiit qui seminat
    Sermo Germinet terra
    Sermo Homo quidam erat
    Sermo Homo quidam fecit
    Sermo Lauda et laetare
    Sermo Lux orta est
    Sermo Osanna filio David
    Sermo Puer Iesus
    Sermo Seraphim stabant
    Sermo Veniet desideratus
    Officium de Festo Corporis Christi ~ Vincent Corrigan and Joseph Kenny
    Hymnus Adoro Te ~ Gerard Manley Hopkins
  • Vol. 57: Collations & Letters

    TRANSLATOR:Joseph B. Collins, Ryan Brady, Luca D’Anselmi, et alia
    SOURCE TEXTS:Leonine 1967-1979 edition, Marietti 1953 edition
    Collationes in Decem Precepta ~ Joseph B. Collins and Joseph Kenny
    Collationes in Orationem Dominicam ~ Joseph B. Collins
    Collationes in Symbolum Apostolorum ~ Joseph B. Collins
    Collationes in Salutationem Angelicam ~ Joseph B. Collins
    De Rationibus Fidei ~ Joseph Kenny
    Super Decretales ~ Howard Galloway
    De Articulis Fidei ~ Howard Galloway and Joseph B. Collins
    Contra Errores Graecorum ~ Copyright Research
    De Forma Absolutionis ~¬†Luca D’Anselmi
    Responsio ad Magistrum Ioannem de Vercellis de 108 Articulis ~ Luca D’Anselmi
    Responsio ad Lectorem Venetum de 30 Articulis ~ Ryan Brady
    Responsio ad Magistrum Ioannem de Vercellis de 43 Articulis ~ Ryan Brady
    Responsio ad Lectorem Venetum de 36 Articulis ~ Ryan Brady
    Responsio ad Lectorem Bisuntium de 6 Articulis ~ Ryan Brady
    De Emptione et Venditione ~ Copyright Research
    De Secreto ~ Copyright Research
    De Sortibus ~ Copyright Research
    De Iudiciis Astrorum ~ Copyright Research
    Ad Bernardum ~ Rik van Nieuwenhove
    Ad Ducissam Brabantiae ~ Copyright Research
    De Mixtione Elementorum ~ Peter Orlowski
    De Motu Cordis ~ Copyright Research
    De Operationibus Occultis ~ J.B. McAllister
  • Vol. 56: Polemical Writings; Lectura Romana

    STATUS:Editing/Translator Needed
    TRANSLATOR:Assorted, see below
    SOURCE TEXTS:Leonine 1969-1976 edition
    This volume contains five polemical writings from St. Thomas and the once lost reportatio of Aquinas‚Äôs lectures on Peter Lombard, given in Rome in 1265‚Äď1266.

    Contra Impugnantes ~ John Procter
    De Perfectione Spiritualis Vitae ~ John Procter
    Contra Retrahentes ~ John Procter
    De Unitate Intellectus ~ Rose Brennan
    De Aeternitate Mundi ~ Robert T. Miller
    Lectura Romana ~ Translator Needed