Pauline Commentaries

In the latter half of his career Saint Thomas lectured on all the letters of Saint Paul, bequeathing to the Church a treasury of Scriptural theology and a sure guide to the winding itinerary of the Pauline writings.

The Aquinas Institute is therefore particularly pleased to be offering, for the first time ever, a bilingual Latin/English edition of the entire series of Pauline commentaries, in the elegantly formatted, high-quality hardcover volumes that are a hallmark of Institute publications.

The Aquinas Institute’s edition of theĀ CommentariesĀ onĀ theĀ LettersĀ ofĀ PaulĀ features:
ā€¢ Text of the Pauline Scripture verses in Greek (Nestle-Aland 27), Latin, and English
ā€¢ Complete text of Aquinas in Latin and in English, with Marietti numbering
ā€¢ English translation based on that of Fr. Larcher, edited and corrected by the Institute’s faculty and staff
ā€¢ Hardcover, quality binding in 5 volumes