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We translate and publish all of the writings of Thomas Aquinas — many of which have never been translated into English! — in an accessible two column-layout.

All published works can be found in our bookstore, and you can learn more about our current translation projects here on our website.

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We offer discussion-based online courses for students around the world, full or part time!

Our graduate-level Theology Curriculum provides an immersion in Scripture, dogma, and morality for those pursuing an M.A. in Theology.

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trans·late /transˈlāt/

to express the sense of (words or text) in another language

Our world-class team of translators is currently finishing St. Thomas’s Commentary on Psalms and Isaiah!

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What is a “discussion based” class?

At the Aquinas Institute, we believe that learning and friendship are fostered through the sharing of ideas and ultimate journey towards knowledge and the discovery of truth. A “discussion based” class is a unique classroom setting in which the students and professor(s) engage with the subject content in an interactive dialogue, in contrast to the lecture style of most colleges and asynchronous learning common for online programs.

Discuss the Great Books Online: for College Credit

Discuss the Great Books Online: for College Credit

There are many excellent Catholic brick-and-mortar colleges these days, and several good online programs. Nonetheless, few students discover the tremendous heritage of Western civilization, and, for various reasons, only a tiny percentage of all Catholics will attend...

The Pamplona Exemplar

The Pamplona Exemplar

On February 18 we had the great pleasure and privilege of viewing one of the authoritative original manuscripts of Thomas Aquinas’s commentary on Book III of the Sentences: the Pamplona university exemplar. A university exemplar is a master copy made from an author’s...

Mother of God, Queen of Heaven

Mother of God, Queen of Heaven

In 1858 Our Lady appeared to Bernadette Soubirous, a young girl in Lourdes, France. Our Lady called herself the Immaculate Conception. One year later Our Lady appeared to Adele Brise, a young woman in Champion, Wisconsin, and called herself the Queen of Heaven. Both...